The Benefits of Agile,
the Needs of HW Development

Agile for Hardware Manifesto and 12 Principles


The Agile Manifesto for Software only needs minor changes to work for Hardware-based solutions. The primary differences are 1) hardware iterations cannot always “working” product to show progress and 2) while “individual” success is important in both software and software, it’s the collaboration of disciplines and teams that ultimately drive success for hardware solutions. Download the Agile Manifesto: HW Vs. SW to see how they compare along with the Five Pillars for MAHD Success.

12 Agile Principles for HW

  1. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through consistent delivery of valuable solutions.
  2. Deliver demonstrable output frequently to align stakeholders, get feedback and adapt to new information.
  3. Welcome, but proactively prioritize, changing requirements to create optimal value for our customers.
  4. Business people and developers must collaborate throughout the project.
  5. Give teams the environment, resources, support, and trust needed to get the job done.
  6. The best way to convey information and solve problems is through focused, collaborative conversation.
  7. Demonstrable output is the primary measure of progress.
  8. Leaders, developers, & users should maintain a steady cadence with cycles of planning, execution, and learning.
  9. Continuous attention to technical excellence, good design and clear priorities enhances agility.
  10. Simplicity–the art of optimizing customer value and minimizing waste –is essential.
  11. The best architectures and designs emerge from autonomous and empowered teams.
  12. Teams consistently reflect on how to become more effective, then adjust accordingly.
Agile for Hardware Manifesto and 12 Principles

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