The Benefits of Agile,
the Needs of HW Development

Implementing the mahd Framework


One advantage of the MAHD Framework is that it’s easy to get started quickly and expand as you learn.  However, effectively putting new methods in practice along side existing processes can take years without a dedicated effort and focused champions.

The MAHD Framework implementation roadmap as shown below can help your organization take a systematic approach to learning and instituting agile practices. Some of the key elements to consider include:

Preparing the Organization – Getting support from key leaders and creating awareness of your plans to go agile can help accelerate your progress.  

Learning with One Pilot – By showing success and benefit of agile methods with just one project can provide the team and organization confidence to move forward. It also enables critical learning to refine your overall approach before going broadly.

Certifying Key Roles – As with any process, success often comes down to the abilities and leadership of key individuals. The MAHD Framework identifies three key roles where certification can provide the necessary skills and confidence for success.

Developing a Rollout Plan – Once the benefits and tactics of your agile process are clear, a plan can be developed to 

Working with MAHD Service Providers

MAHD Certified Service Providers can help you quickly trial and implement the MAHD Framework with a variety of assistance. Contact us to find a MAHD Certified Service Provider that can help with your goals.

Learning & Implementation Planning

Assess your current situation and develop a custom learning and implementation roadmap and plan based on your goals.

Training and Coaching

Live or online instruction with MAHD experts who have years of experience developing HW products using agile methods.

Complete MAHD Toolset

MAHD Framework tools & templates including a complete playbook on appling agile methods for physical products..

Integration Support

Help integrating with existing processes such as stage-gate as well as implementing agile tools such as Jira.

Explore the MAHD Implementation Roadmap

Hover over the roadmap destination icons to get move information on key elements of how to implement the MAHD Framework.

Getting Started

Taking the first step can be the hardest part of any journey. Some things to consider: 

  • Is the organization ready? If not, then starting small with a pilot project is the best way to start. 
  • Do you know what success looks like? Identify the metrics to track and targets for each one. 
  • Is the team trained with key roles in place and clarified?  

Core Project MAHD

A great first milestone to is to learn and trial the Core MAHD Framework. This provides the foundation of of agile skills and enables one or more teams to quickly learn what works for them and provides a solid basis for expanding.

Complete MAHD Implementation

Once a pilot program is underway with teams trained and beginning to execute, it's good timing to develop a plan to expand. This typically includes:

  • Refining the Agile/MAHD the way-of-working to best meet the needs of the organization
  • Consider the integration of other internal processes such as SAFe, Stage-Gate, Lean or others
  • Continue team training and certification of key roles
  • Develop a expansion plan to add agile methods to portfolio management, new innovation projects and sustaining engineering

The MAHD Organization: Learn & Refine

With certified leaders in place and more teams trained in  agile methods your overall new agile-enabled process begins to take shape to become an agile organization.  Learning is captured with each project to make improvements to develop a standard way-of-working while having the flexibility to tackle the range of projects your organization is likely to manage. 

The Agile Organization 

As the organization matures, it will evolve where agile becomes embedded in the culture. Teams will focus less on the day-t0-day tactics of execution and begin to think innately about learning milestones, gaining rapid customer feedback, empowering teams, making fast decisions and focusing relentless on creating customer value.

Learn More About MAHD

Download the Introduction to MAHD E-book to learn about the key elements of the MAHD Framework  including how to initiate projects, the MAHD On-ramp and tips to get started going MAHD.

Is MAHD Right For You?

The fastest way to learn if MAHD is right for you is to request a 45-minute overview and discussion of your situation. Whether you currently use Stage-Gate, Lean, SAFe or other methods, we can help you quickly learn the unique benefits of the MAHD Framework.