The Benefits of Agile,
the Needs of HW Development

Agile for Hardware Training

Introduction to MAHD Learning

If your team is ready to apply agile methods to accelerate your product development efforts,  Agile PD Pros offers a range of learning and implementation support options.  Most programs can be conducted online or at your facilities. Browse some of the services and workshops offered below.

Executive Workshops & Assessments

An important start to implementing any new process is gaining support from senior leaders. MAHD executive learning and assessment programs can provide a rapid understanding of agile for hardware principles to remove obstacles.

Team Training, Facilitation & Coaching

MAHD Framework training programs provide practical agile for hardware tools and interactive activities based on your organization's real world projects. This enables your team to learn quickly and immediately apply their new skills.

MAHD Leader Certification

Leaders in key roles including MAHD Product Managers, MAHD Project Leaders and MAHD Technical Leaders can get become MAHD certified to gain the confidence and expertise in specific tools to excel in their role.

Agile Tools and Integration

Agile tools are a significant element of any full implementation program. Teams can get guidance on using common tools such as Jira as well as how to integrate with existing processes such as SAFe or Stage-gate systems.

Get Help Going MAHD

MAHD Service Providers

MAHD Certified Service Providers are experts in the MAHD Framework and can help guide your team to agile success. Each provider can help assess your situation, develop a customized learning and implementation roadmap.

  • MAHD Training
  • Leadership Certification
  • Implementation Consulting
  • 1-on-1 Coaching
  • Online Workshops
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MAHD Implementation Roadmap

Get Started with a Live Workshop

AgilePDPros offers a monthly online workshops to develop a comprehensive understanding of the MAHD Framework and how to get started.  “See Details” below will take you to website.

MORE Options to get started

Learn More About MAHD

Download the Introduction to MAHD E-book to learn about the key elements of the MAHD Framework  including how to initiate projects, the MAHD On-ramp and tips to get started going MAHD.

Is MAHD Right For You?

The fastest way to learn if MAHD is right for you is to request a 45-minute overview and discussion of your situation. Whether you currently use Stage-Gate, Lean, SAFe or other methods, we can help you quickly learn the unique benefits of the MAHD Framework.