The Benefits of Agile,
the Needs of HW Development

How to Get Started Going MAHD


One advantage of the MAHD Framework is that it’s easy to get started quickly and expand as you learn.  However, effectively putting new methods in practice inside an organization with existing processes, years of momentum and skeptical antibodies takes a systematic effort.

Explore the options below with tips on how to get started with considerations for your starting point and goals. To explore learning opportunities, contact a MAHD Service Provider.

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Three Great Ways to Get Started Going MAHD

Schedule a Discussion

Contact a Certified MAHD Service Provider to set up a 45-minute Consultation
  • Review your current situation and goals
  • Get a demonstration of the MAHD Framework
  • Determine if MAHD is right for you
  • Discuss learning and implementation options
  • How to best trial and get started
  • Plan next steps

Train and Pilot

The fastest way to start is to train a focused team and pilot a project
  • Identify a pilot team and project
  • Get hands-on MAHD training
  • Initiate your project with facilitation
  • Execute rapid (IPAC) learning cycles
  • Capture areas for improvement
  • Learn, improve and repeat

Plan and Go!

This is a great option if you already know that MAHD is right for you
  • Gather your stakeholders
  • Establish clear transformation goals
  • Assess your current NPD process
  • Identify key areas for improvement
  • Develop a roadmap with milestones
  • Pilot, learn, expand

More Ways to Get Started

Self-learn Pilot Project

A good place to start is to select a project to pilot the MAHD Framework and try it! 

  1. Identify a MAHD champion to lead

  2. Understand and establish roles
  3. Identify a pilot project (guidance below)

  4. Try, learn, and refine.

Great Pilot Projects: 

  1. Large enough to be important, but small enough to not be overwhelming. 

  2. Requires multiple disciplines such as mechanical, electrical, design and SW.

  3. Has a project team of 6-20 people. Avoid large, complex teams for a first effort.

  4. Early enough in development to get the full benefits of MAHD.

To get started with your pilot, contact a MAHD Service Provider or take a MAHD training program.

MAHD Learning Workshops

Workshops are a useful tool for teams to learn how to apply Agile principles and practices, as well as to develop a shared understanding of what Agile means in the context of hardware. Common topics that MAHD Service Providers focus on during these workshops include:

  1. Building the business case for agile implementation and investment
  2. Agile principles and mindset for hardware-based products and systems
  3. The Complete MAHD Framework tools, methods, and tactics
  4. Approaches to best integrate the MAHD Framework with Stage-gate, SAFe, Scrum, Lean and others processes
  5. Techniques to develop and implementation and NPD transformation program

Learn more about workshops offered by MAHD Service Providers.

Explore MAHD Implementation

There is a common path that many organizations take as shown in the MAHD Implementation Roadmap. 

The steps can be summarized as: 

  1. Assess your situation
  2. Learn MAHD methods and pilot a project
  3. Capture results and refine
  4. Integrate MAHD methods with other necessary processes
  5. Plan a broader implementation

Getting Started Considerations

Three Common Paths to Process Improvement

There are several paths most companies take when embarking on major transformation initiatives: 

1) Top-Down Directive – Senior management wants the whole company to change quickly and directs the teams to transform how they work. This often involves a  process team looking across the organization’s various needs and integrating existing processes such as stage-gate or lean into the MAHD Framework or vice versa.  In this case it’s important to assess your situation and goals and identify the best approach before exhaustive training and rollout activities.

2) Bottom-Up initiative – Often a specific team or leader sees the value of a new way-of-working and takes the initiative to try a new approach.  For the MAHD Framework, this might be a specific product development effort or project team wanting to try a new way-of-working. If the new way works, they often become evangelists for expanding to other projects and further into the organization.

3) Middle Out Diffusion – The middle ground is between the top-down and bottom-up approaches. This initiative might be led by a product group or business unit that has the greatest need. They then become the pilot test for the MAHD Framework that provides also provides the learning for refining the tactics for a broader rollout to the rest of the organization..

The MAHD Framework has been instituted with companies using each of these ways and other variations.  Each path has its pros and cons related to the speed of deployment, overhead to the company, disruption to the teams, etc. To see case studies based on these approaches and discuss your situation, contact us to learn more.

What Is Your Starting Point?

Every organization has a unique situation and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to learning and implementation new NPD practices. Consider some of the following common starting points. 

Organization Is Ready to Go Agile?

The MAHD Framework is a great place to begin your agile journey. Starting with just one team, you can pilot, learn if agile is right for you and expand.

SW Team Already Implements Agile?

Whether your SW teams are using Scrum, SAFe, or other methods, MAHD techniques can help HW teams build agile skills that work for them while still aligning with existing agile practices.

Want to Keep Stage-gate or Other?

Many organizations find it hard to completely abandon their existing processes, but still want to add agility. The MAHD Framework aligns well with existing processes while adding agile methods. 

Not Sure?

If you’re unfamiliar with agile methods, you may not be certain how to best approach training or even how to get started. A MAHD Service Provider can help by providing an overview and case studies of various approaches.

Learn More About MAHD

Download the Introduction to MAHD E-book to learn about the key elements of the MAHD Framework  including how to initiate projects, the MAHD On-ramp and tips to get started going MAHD.

Is MAHD Right For You?

The fastest way to learn if MAHD is right for you is to request a 45-minute overview and discussion of your situation. Whether you currently use Stage-Gate, Lean, SAFe or other methods, we can help you quickly learn the unique benefits of the MAHD Framework.