The Benefits of Agile,
the Needs of HW Development

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MAHD Certified Service Providers are experts in the MAHD Framework and can help guide your team to agile success. They can help assess your situation, develop a customized learning and implementation roadmap as well as provide:

  • NPD Assessment & Transformation – Help with analyzing your current situation throughout the product lifecycle and identifying bottlenecks, challenges, and areas where agile methods can provide significant benefits.
  • Agile for Hardware Workshops – Learning programs to build new agile skills for teams. These can be customized for your goals and situation.
  • Team and 1-on-1 Coaching – Coaching team members in critical roles such as agile project leaders, product owners, product managers, and technical leaders, and team-based coaching to facilitate and guide implementation.

Why Work with a Certified Service Provider?

Working with a Certified MAHD Service Provider can accelerate the benefits you’ll see from agile methods and help you develop an implementation roadmap what works for your situation. 

Experienced MAHD Instructors

You'll learn from the MAHD Certified instructors, each with years of NPD and Agile experience in a wide range of HW and SW -based industries.

Training Options

Programs designed for your goals & situation to get fast results. From basic training to full MAHD implementation and company transformation.

Proven Tools and Templates

Programs include a complete suite of step-by-step MAHD tools and templates including support to make your current tools work for agile methods.

MAHD Leader

Each provider can provide MAHD Certification of key roles to ensure your team as the leadership and skills for effective agile implementation.

Challenges to DIY Agile

Many teams have tried to implement MAHD methods by researching agile and even using the tools we provide on this site. Some have been very successful, but overall most struggle due to one of the following reasons:

  • There is a strong voice in the company that guides them to focus on current agile for SW methods such as Scrum
  • Only one or two people learn the methods and then try to implement without getting everyone on board
  • There is an attempt to use a small part of the MAHD Framework so their results are very limited or they give up
  • The teams struggle to adapt specific elements such as user stories or Iteration Plans, so fall back to their traditional methods

MAHD Service Providers have years of proven expertise in applying agile  methods to physical products. They can provide cost effective solutions to help you quickly learn if MAHD is right for you and guide your implement see fast benefits.

Tools to Accelerate Implementation

Service Providers help teams accelerate MAHD implementation through a range of tools, including:

MAHD Reference Playbook – Complete details for each step of the process that can be customized to build your internal agile processes

Templates – Excel, Word and PPT templates that provide the starting point or used directly to manage your agile process

Key Role Toolkit – Build proficiency in key roles quickly with targeted tools

Featured MAHD Certified Service Provider

Agile PD Pros is the leading provider of agile for hardware training and consulting. We have helped teams in industries ranging from consumer products to military contractors develop new products faster and with more focus on customer value for over 20 years. As Agile leaders, we co-founded the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework for HW developments to get the benefits of Agile while meeting the specific challenges of physical product development. We provide training and consulting in the following areas:

  • Agile for Hardware Consulting
  • MAHD Training and Certification
  • Agile Product Management
  • Agile Innovation Management
  • Organization Agile Transformations

Join Our MAHD Service Provider Community

If you or your organization are experts in new product development, have a passion for seeing clients build new capabilities,  and believe in the advantages of agile methods, we encourage you to learn more about our MAHD Partner Program. Email us to learn more.