The Benefits of Agile,
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MAHD Step 2: Kicking Off an Agile for Hardware Project

Kicking Off an Agile for Hardware Project

In our previous article, we shared step 1 of the Modified Agile for Hardware Development (MAHD) Framework. The first step focused on the product manager, Lynda, writing an Agile Product Brief and user stories to “define” JavaBrew’s next generation smart coffee maker. In this article, Step 2: The Agile Project Kickoff Meeting, the team has gathered to review Lynda’s work and kick off the project. The team is still excited about their new coffee maker, but the questions and concerns start flying. Can they hit the schedule? Will customers really love this product? And what IS the product? All good questions that must be resolved to everyone’s, especially management’s satisfaction.

MAHD Step 2: Kicking Off an Agile for Hardware Project

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