The Benefits of Agile,
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Dueling PM’s – Two Critical Roles for Agile Leadership

Critical Roles For Agile Leadership

As with any process, you need people with clear roles and responsibilities. To effectively lead and manage the application of the Modified Agile for Hardware Development Framework, we describe two key roles below in the form of job descriptions. These roles are not meant to be definitive, but to guide thinking and planning as you build out your team. In small projects, these roles may be combined into one person. In very large projects, you may even add additional roles, such as a MAHD Coach that is responsible for coaching the team through the agile process. What’s most important when defining roles is:

  • Each responsibility has someone assigned to lead it and that person has the skills to succeed.

  • The relationships, interaction, and decision authority of each role are clear to all.

  • The roles are aligned with the scope and objectives of each project.

Dueling PM’s – Two Critical Roles for Agile Leadership

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