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Browse the range of resources below to start your agile journey.  The MAHD Team regularly publishes updates on the MAHD Model (now at 3.0), e-books, and articles. Subscribe to the “Going MAHD” newsletter to get the latest updates. 

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How to Get Advanced Tools and Resources

Learn about how to get complete templates, step-by-step guides, and full implementation materials.

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From the MAHD Blog

MAHD Resources to Get Started

A MAHD Overview

The quick overview provides a summary of the MAHD Framework, benefits and unique attributes.

Introduction to the MAHD Framework

The key elements and how to get started including the On-ramp, IPAC Iterations and more.

MAHD Key Concept Posters

Order these 48″x36″ or A0 posters to reinforce MAHD’s key concepts!

Implementation Roadmap

The recommended path to learn, pilot and rollout the MAHD Framework.

MAHD Executive Overview_Graphic Cover

90-Second Executive Summary

Learn about the key elements and advantages of the MAHD Framework... all in 90 seconds!

10 Advantages Cover 1200

10 Benefits of MAHD

Learn the 10 ways that MAHD provides more focus, higher collaboration and shorter cycles.


Intro to MAHD Podcast

A 45-minute discussion on MAHD and how to get started. Download or listen on Apple or Android devices.

Key MAHD Roles

Learn about the key roles of the MAHD Framework and how they are different than Scrum.

Answers to 25 agile for hardware questions

MAHD Frequently Asked Qustions

Have questions? Browse the most common questions we receive and responses. Contact us and a MAHD evangelist will quickly respond to your question.

LinkedIn Group

Join this LinkedIn group started to discuss all topics related to adapting agile for hardware development (not just MAHD)